Local Search Optimization is Changing

It’s obvious that local search is changing. I ran into this article from and thought I’d share with those of you who are  trying to understand where things are headed. You’ll find video of Marissa Mayer of Google sharing her thoughts at SXSW 2011 and detailed step by step for handling duplicate listings on Google Places. Enjoy!


“Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In the World” ~ According to Google

We were in the mood tonight for chocolate chip cookies. After searching for “best chocolate chip cookies in the world” I ran into this recipe. I wouldn’t say these are the “world’s best” – but they sure were good!

The kids were all over them (or the cookies were all over the kids I should say). Try’em out sometime.


Where’s my iPhone?

I am no stranger to a missing iPhone.

Last night I went to sleep knowing I’d need to look for my missing phone first thing in the morning. My six year old son was the last one to be seen with it the day before, playing Angry Birds of course.

After looking for some time shortly after waking, I finally decided to fire up my laptop and Google Voice account to try calling it from my computer – hoping to hear it ring. I heard the ring, but could not figure out exactly where it was coming from.

After nearly 8 call attempts I saw my wife start walking toward the kitchen trash can and open the lid. Sure enough, there it was – my iPhone sitting inside the trash.

The culprit…

My 1 year old daughter. She apparently now enjoys walking around the house and tossing whatever she finds laying around into the bin.

I’m just glad the trash man doesn’t come until Thursday! Then I’d be forced to buy the iPhone 4.

: )

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#RosevilleGalleria Fire Becomes Trending Topic on Twitter

#RosevilleGalleria became a worldwide trending topic yesterday on Twitter. Did anyone else see this?  I take it as an indication of the social media use and online influence of our region.

The fire’s a bad thing, but our collective influence online is not.


How WallMart’s Receipts Drive Customers to Facebook

Never underestimate the power of traditional print communications to drive your online presence and engagement.

I’ve encouraged retail businesses before to leverage their offline customer touch points like business cards, store signage, placards next to their cashier, menus and even invoices to increase engagement with their customers and prospects online.

This morning I made a quick trip to Wallmart because I was out of “the glue” I use to make my hair look like I just woke up {insert your “that’s sort of ridiculous” laugh}. After checking out, I couldn’t help but notice the big “Find Us On Facebook” logo and link at the bottom of their receipt.

Looking for a simple way to attract and engage customers online? Take a few minutes to evaluate every single offline touchpoint you have with customers and prospects. Make the changes necessary to point them to your online hubs like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and especially your site-blog. Be creative and think outside the box.

Also, if you’re on Facebook and have over 25 fans you can apply for a custom URL (they call usernames). Custom usernames – like, allow businesses to communicate the location of their Facebook fan page or profile easily in marketing communications.

So what are you waiting for?

“Share the love” once you’ve made some of these changes by leaving a comment below so other readers can benefit from your ideas.

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How I Fixed My MacBook Pro With a Coffee Cupholder

Nothing is more frustrating than when something you need to work, doesn’t.


I’ve relied on my MacBook Pro and it has been very good to me for the last five years (a long time in computer-land). Recently, I noticed the mouse and mousepad freezing or locking up intermittently – almost as if something or someone else were controlling it. Could it be a computer virus on a Mac? I didn’t think that was possible.

This morning I booted it up to begin my day and could not get the mouse to work at all – totally frozen. After ten reboots, another “clean” virus scan and having to make a conscious decision not to slap it – I finally turned to my iPhone to search Google for a solution.

Sure enough, I am not the only one with this problem.

The symptom was being caused by a lack of “pressure” against the mouse trackpad and the battery itself (which sits directly under the trackpad). Apparently, the battery must warp over time when it heats and cools, changing it’s structure so as to not create enough pressure under the bottom of the trackpad.


Remove the battery and place a 3/4 inch piece of cardboard between it and the trackpad.

Thanks to this coffee cup holder, Google and a few friends at MacRumors Forums – I saved myself a trip to Fry’s, maintain my sanity and continue to put food on the table for my family.

Peet's Coffee & Tea Computer Fix

Moral of the story

Use Google before you hurt someone and/or waste money.

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Social Media Is About Relationships

Here is the follow up article by Kelly Johnson in the Sacramento Business Journal to the panel discussion tonight.


Art of Business & Social (Sacramento Business Journal Event)

I’m excited about this event tonight. Here’s the link to catch it streaming live on UStream. It starts at 6pm and I’ll be joined by some of my favorite social media friends, including Leslely Miller from 3Fold.


Social media roundtable: How businesses can benefit from Facebook to Twitter

Social Media Panel

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a social media roundtable put on by the Sacramento Business Journal. It was a long (3 hour) discussion, but I was happy to share my opinions and dialogue with an amazing lineup of local social media gurus.


Placer Business Tweetup Uses Social Media To Bring Attention Local Fire Dept

This news story highlights what a fantastic evening this was at the Placer Business Tweetup in New Castle.